BUR establish 1856 black tee


yupoong flexfit 110-27

ZP VS CP Fabric: adopt 50 double yarn combed 100% cotton material imported from Australia. Cloth grain texture accurate with the original ZP effect, the latest process dyeing activity dyeing, is internationally recognized as a green environmental protection products. Printing: printing is hot to the touch (or texture) of the process feel, but in fact it is made of pure screen technology ~ on the market is either directly ordinary paste printing no feel or is directly with the letter die hot stamping paste, wash a few times will fall!! Security spot: not texture!! Not a hot wave!! It's pure wire mesh, but the texture and the feel of the brushwork, that's the hard part Why is it made of pure silk screen? Its surface has a layer of very not smooth this kind of grain, very uniform cross grain one grid one grid, if it is a hot stamping is certainly not a grain! But the printing is not water slurry, feel like a layer of rubber!! Directly put the high-definition map for everyone to enjoy ~ this is the point of the craft of this dress ! 203050051 LINK: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=625730984378

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